Occupational Health

We are able to provide a wide range of occupational health and occupation hygiene services.

Some of our recent projects have included;

The design and implementation of an occupational health programme designed to identify and control occupational dermatitis amongst off shore workers in the Middle East. Operating in the Middle East, our consultant worked for a national Oil and Gas company to define a population of male employees working in the offshore sector of an oil and gas exploration company. In order to establish the level of ill health within the defined population a questionnaire and survey of reported skin conditions was initially undertaken and this was supported by clinical examination within the defined study group. As a result of this study linked to established occupations and tasks within the study group, common causative agents were identified. Remedial measures were identified as part of the study closure process, and training developed and delivered to the study group to provided information on health and well-being linked to the hazards and associated occupational diseases identified.

Pre-employment screening and remote case management for a local authority in London, a housing association in Scotland and Government department operating throughout the UK. Our client was using remote case management on an ad hoc basis but was finding that there was a lack of efficiency in their existing system. Our Occupational Health practitioner undertook a remedial and skill s based needs analysis and instigated with client approval a number of changes to the existing system and protocol which resulted is a quicker response to referrals, enhancing efficiency, ensuring the client spent less time managing the process and filling in paperwork and concentrating on the needs of the employees.